Month: March 2018

Deep Tech Thought #2 – Data Privacy

In the article The Latest Data Privacy the article talks about how users except apps privacy policy’s and it’s more than just clicking a box. The article talks about one app in particular which is Strava which is an exercise app, it allows you to track your exercise and share it with your friends. One

Creating a Strategic Plan – Deep Tech Thought #1

This newsletter is by Ian O’Bryrne and here is the link:  While this newsletter is a bit older I found it important and relative to my life at this moment. This newsletter talks about creating a strategic plan for your life. Going over your visions, goals, objectives, schedule, and routines. I thought I had all that planned

Midnight Robber

For the remediation on Midnight Robber I attempted to make a story board of the scene where Tan-Tan and Antonio travel to the new dimension. I choose this particular scene because for me this is where the book really started to kick off as well as I felt it was one of the most important