Blogging It Up, Iteration Module

For the Iteration Module I decided to re-visit the culture module I did which was blogging. In my declaration post I said I wanted to work on a couple of things, which were: 1) re-designing my blog, 2)covering and creating more content, and lastly putting more time into my blog overall. All and all I would say I was successful at what I set out to do during the past week and a half. There were a few struggles of course, the first struggle I faced was the re-designing phase. My old blog never looked the way I wanted it to look, I wanted it to look more “bloggy” where you would see numerous posts on one page next to one another instead of one under the other. In order to do this I changed my theme all together and started fresh. One thing I did like off my old blog was that my videos were on the side in the footer area of my past theme but in this new theme the footer area was at the bottom which does make sense but I liked it better for visual reasons when it was to the side, but it has grown on me. The second struggle I had was covering and creating more content, I always like to share my thoughts but at the same time I am always nervous to get personal, but I felt like it was necessary in order to create the type of blog I wanted. I wanted to give off inspiration and share my stories of struggle this semester. The third thing I set out to do was to spend more time on my blog which I feel like I definitely have done. I feel like I spent more time re-designing my blog versus creating and covering more content which I would have liked to do differently now looking back but I am still glad that my blog ended up looking how I wanted too. I believe I can also still work towards having the content I wanted too by the time this is officially due tomorrow.¬† ¬†Overall, I chose to come back to the culture module of blogging because blogging to me is such an amazing way to show off creativity, and express yourself. Blogging in a sense is like interior decorating, you can design it anyway you want too and there are so many endless possibilities. I like that you can blog about one particular topic, or numerous topics, you can have several blogs also which is a nice thing for business purposes. You may have more than one business that you want to promote which you and share over several blogs to gain a bigger audience. I enjoyed re-designing my blog and getting the opportunity to keep working on it and turning it into something I envisioned from the beginning. I would have to say this was my 2nd favorite project, my first favorite was the methodology module I put a lot of time and effort into that one. I hope you enjoy my blog, here is the link.

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