Creating a Strategic Plan – Deep Tech Thought #1

This newsletter is by Ian O’Bryrne and here is the link: 

While this newsletter is a bit older I found it important and relative to my life at this moment. This newsletter talks about creating a strategic plan for your life. Going over your visions, goals, objectives, schedule, and routines. I thought I had all that planned out, I graduated from high school, went to community college at Germanna and graduated with my Associates degree in Information Systems Technology, then I started pursuing my Bachelor’s here at UMW in Computer Science. I thought I had it all planned out, I was going to graduate and then get a job with the government or the FBI. Well then I hit a snag in the road. I was terrible at programming which is what computer science is. I finally hit that point in my life where I faced the “now what” factor. What was I going to do now that I hit this massive bump? I still haven’t completely figured that out yet.  I know I have options like going to ODU or Liberty and working on their online degree programs, getting my certifications, and starting government contractor jobs, or doing a bit of both. The big factor I have to decide is which specific path to take, do I go the cyber security route, or do I go the Information Systems Technology route. I fumble with this decision because part of me is interested in figuring out what cyber security is all about other than protecting us, but the other half of me is telling me to go the information systems technology route because I know I’m good at it. In this newsletter he gives and talks about 5 key elements of a strategic plan, so I am going to use those 5 elements and try to create one now for this current dilemma I have myself in.

  1. Vision – your “why”: My dream would be to get a bachelor’s maybe even a masters in either Information Systems Technology or Cyber Security and then get a job with the FBI. (I watch way to much law and order and Criminal Minds, I’ve always wanted to be like Abby or the character in the shows who help get dirt on the “bad guys” via technology. A bit weird I know.
  2. Goals – your “what”: My first goal would be to either finish my degree and then get into a job related to my vision or start a contracting job and get experience dealing with my vision while finishing my degree at the same time
  3. Objectives – your “how”: My plan would be to get my degree within the next 3 years now and hopefully start doing my certifications this summer and get a job within the next year or so.
  4. Schedule – your “when”: I feel like my schedule is the same as the timeline I just gave in the objectives section.
  5. Routines – your “strategies” : To make sure I complete this plan I will keep working at my degree and keep trying to find jobs until I find one.

While this strategic plan isn’t greatly detailed when going over it later it will help me figure out what is next for me, which is the only way I’ll ever be able to fulfill my dream of working with the FBI.

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