Culture Module – Blogging Reflection

For the past two weeks I decided to take up the challenge of blogging for my culture module. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a blogger, I have a few personal blogs however, I have issues gaining followers and finding content to write about. One of the main things I liked about blogging is being able to create it’s visual identity the way I want to develop it. For this particular blog I decided to name it through my eyes I decided this because I wanted it to be catchy but I also wanted to be able to express to the world what I see through my eyes maybe not from that exact angle but through things I did within these past two weeks. I also wanted to intertwine some ideas that I’ve used on my personal blogs into this blog. For example the quotes, and the daily inspiration. On my personal blog I have posts everyday that are called daily challenges and it was an idea I found on pinterest. Each days gives you a challenge to be a better you. For this blog I decided to do a daily inspiration post everyday. I got the quote from a day by day calendar that I bought from my work. I also included some galleries of quotes, and photos of my nephew when we had our first “big” snow this year, and lastly I included videos from my weekend trip that my boyfriend, his family, and I took him on to celebrate his 25th birthday. We went to Virginia Safari Park, so I wanted to include those photos, where we stayed, and the activities we did because it’s not things you would normally see here in the burg.

To discuss the blog on a more technical level, I decided to use word press as my host because in my personal opinion it was easier to maintain because we are using this host for our website for this particular class and I have used this host in the past. Tumblr was also another host I thought about and I do have an account with them however I felt like wordpress gives you more options when it comes to plugins and customizing your appearance. For this blog I used two plugins to do some of my posts as well as display stuff on my blog. The first plugin I used is called Robo Gallery, I used this in order to make my photo galleries, so that my photos would not be taking up the whole post. The second plugin was the widget  is the video widget. I used this in order to display my videos that I created. I had a lot of issues with the videos at first, first I used the plugin FV player but once I uploaded them and went to my blog and the videos didn’t work because using flipgram creates MOV which is not supported by the FV players. So what I had to do was upload my videos to YouTube and use the video widget in order to get them to display on my blog.

I really enjoyed doing this module and I hope to continue working on it, and continue to improve my blog.

Here is the link for it below:

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