Deep Tech Thought #2 – Data Privacy

In the article The Latest Data Privacy the article talks about how users except apps privacy policy’s and it’s more than just clicking a box. The article talks about one app in particular which is Strava which is an exercise app, it allows you to track your exercise and share it with your friends. One of the tremendous downfalls is that the app featured a global map which showed over three trillion locations around the world which were collected by users data. The article also discussed how a portion of it’s users are military which when Strava created this global map some of those three trillion locations where those of our military personnel.  Which means that some of their secret locations became not secret. The biggest part wasn’t identifying the military personnel, but that it identified military stations, air strips,routes, supply’s in which people would not know about because if it being top secret. This is where a couple factors are needed to come into play. One being that apps, and social media need to do two things in particular. 1. The apps and social media need to make it very clear  what a user is agreeing too, in specific what we are really consenting too, the things we that wouldn’t necessarily consented to had we been made aware. For example the military and the Strava app, if a military personnel had been aware that the app would make a global map of it’s users and the locations they had exercised at that personnel probably wouldn’t have went through with singing up with that particular app, or if they did they probably would not have agreed to allow the app to have and share their location.  Another thing that the app should have done is sent out a notification asking each users permission if they could share their location that way it protected the users location. However this does fall into the individuals responsibility too. This leads to my second point, we as individuals need to learn and realize that NOTHING on the internet is EVER really private. In today’s world there are hackers constantly trying to get into our information, and social media and apps are some of the easiest ways to do it. Think about how you get called several times a day by people who claim your computer is broken and they can download a “software” to fix it. Social media and apps are the same way. We have to be careful what we post and what we share on our social media channels. My third and final point is that cyber security experts have to continue to find new and efficient ways to protect and properly store our data from these apps, but that also falls in the responsibility of the app creators also. They need to have our protection in their best interest. Hackers are always working to find ways to confiscate our personal information for their advantage.

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