Deep Tech Thought #3

In Ian O’Bryne Issue #143 Newsletter one of the topics that he talks about is Examining your impressions. The second section of the newsletter really spoke to me because it says that, “we should ask whether the trials and tribulations being thrown against us are under our control, or whether we have no impact on them”. and that, “If they’re under our control, we should act upon them. If they are not, we should ultimately discount them and regard it as not of our concern. This section spoke to me because as I have mentioned in previous posts this semester I have been thrown quite a few trials. In the beginning of the semester I got Bell’s Palsy and missed a lot of school due to various doctors appointments. The second thing was that about 3 weeks later I came down with strep throat, which caused me to miss more school. Which spiraled into me falling behind in a few of my classes but one class in particular which was my programming class. I did tutoring for several weeks and I realized that I just wasn’t understanding the material. I had already repeated the first level twice so I did not have time to have to repeat every level twice. I had to start thinking was I going to be successful in this program or did I need to look into other options. This caused me to do the next part of this article which is to step back from your own reality, and examine your life and world from a distance. I had to realize I was in control of this particular decision. I began looking at other schools such as Old Dominion University, Liberty University, and a couple others. I was back and fourth between ODU and Liberty but I discovered that ODU was a lot cheaper than Liberty. ODU had a online degree program for both Cyber Security and Information Systems Technology which is what my Associates degree is in. I decided to go with IST because there was no program involved and 11 of the classes I could take at Germanna and then transfer them in and I would only have 17 classes left to finish my Bachelor’s degree. It was a hard decision to make because I knew I would have to in a sense start all over and that would mean graduating later which I had to examine my future and realize that part was out of my control. If I stayed with programming here at UMW I would never pass and then I would be unhappy which I was already becoming. The last part of the article says to ask yourself this question, “is this something that is, or is not, in my control”? Which is something I had to constantly ask myself along the way of this decision making process. I am the type of person who makes a time line for themselves and when that timeline gets disrupted I get very frustrated. This article gave a lot of insight to decision making.

Examining your impressions

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