Deep Tech Thought #4

In Ian O’Bryne’s article Text tradeoffs as we move from print to pixel, the article discusses the challenges the world has faced and is facing from text moving from print into pixels and online forms. The article says, “With this transition, much of the challenge exists not only with the rapidity with which this transition occurs, but with the changes leapfrogging entire generations of educators”. Which I agree with 100 percent. In high school I took a Journalism class during my four years of being there. In the first couple of years we were just a newspaper publication meaning we only focused on newspaper. Each year in March we would go to New York and attend Colombia University and attend the Journalism convention they held which was a convention for Journalism and Yearbook students to come and learn from professors and teachers about different topics. It also gave students and teachers a chance to learn different and new ideas to take home with them for their own publication. Around 2010 is when I feel that newspapers really started to change, the amount of subscribers in the world was decreasing because news online was starting to become quite popular. We found out that readers didn’t want to carry a big newspaper around school. The size of a newspaper made it hard to be able to read if a student was in class or at lunch. This is when we began to transition and think of other ideas. We decided to transition to a magazine layout. This would make it easier for reading and more appealing because we were able to print in color instead of black and white. In my Junior and Senior year magazines were still popular but news on the web was becoming a lot more popular. That was our next transition, we were working towards still printing a magazine and also working towards having a website for our magazine. The next challenge we faced was getting a audience who would visit the website often other than the people who were creating it. We started doing social networking in order to gain a stream of followers. I found this section of the article very interesting the article said, “Text can be a television show, a music ringtone, an advertisement, a street sign, and similarly diverse manifestations”. I never thought about text being a television show or a music ringtone, or an advertisement, but in those three things the text is just spoken instead of being written down. In a sense we are around some kind of text every second of the day. It could be physical text in your textbook, or a text on your phone or email. It could be text you see on a sign or it could be spoken text when you’re singing in the car on your way to somewhere. Text is all around us and is continuing to evolve from just being printed texted to being in a digital pixel. Technology will continue to evolve as time goes on,  we have to change with it. 


Here is the link to the article: 

Text tradeoffs as we move from print to pixel

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