Deep Tech Thought #5 – Moving Beyond Survival

In Ian O’Byrne #145 newsletter he wrote a post called moving beyond survival. The post was about awareness, building self-confidence, and problematizing¬† your perspectives. In this article there are several points that are given in order to contemplate ones inner self. The first bullet point that stuck out to me was, “Understand, evaluate, and revise your real needs and motivations”. This bullet stuck out to me because it reminded me about my journey this far in my college career. At the beginning of my college journey I was a psychology major at Germanna when I was working towards my associates. After the first semester I realized that I would have to be in school for a really long time in order to be able to make a lot of money, in my opinion to make a lot of money you have to get a doctorate degree in psychology so that you can have your own practice or so you can be a psychologist in the first place. I evaluated that I did not want to be in school that long, I wanted to get my Bachelor’s but that was all for now. I revised my plan and chose to change my major to Information Systems Technology because I have always loved dealing with computers and I have always been good at it.

The next bullet point that stuck out to me was, “Observe your mistakes and try to correct them. We learn more about ourselves through this process”. This one stuck out to me because when I started at Mary Washington I chose to major in Computer Science because again I was really good at computers and I really enjoyed working with them. However during my first year here I found out that I really struggled with programming. I had to repeat one of my classes but I thought that because I did so well the second time around that I would be fine. But to my surprise I was very wrong. During the second level of my programming journey I was struggling with the first project that was assigned. I happened to be sick but was given an extension. I worked with my professor during all of the free time that I had in order to try to complete the project but found out a lot of the issues I was having were things I should have learned in the first level and things that I should know how to do frontwards and backwards. This caused me to have to re-evaluate my life and decisions I had been making. I found out the hard way that programming was not for me which means Computer Science was not for me either. I decided to drop the class and finish out my other classes and switch Universities all together. Now I am going back to Germanna for another year to take 11 classes and then transfer to Old Dominion University and get my Bachelor’s in Information Systems Technology. I am very happy with this decision as I think I will be more successful.


Overall, after reading this article I took away a lot of the key points that were given to make sure you are aware of your inner-self and just be able to always do what is best for you.


Here is the link to the article

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