Midnight Robber

For the remediation on Midnight Robber I attempted to make a story board of the scene where Tan-Tan and Antonio travel to the new dimension. I choose this particular scene because for me this is where the book really started to kick off as well as I felt it was one of the most important scenes in the book. I had a hard time trying to decide what I wanted to do for the remediation, I looked at a lot of ideas that our classmates were giving and I felt like a story board would be a cool and easy way to re-create an important part of the book.  I actually did this two times for the same scene. Let me start by giving my idea so that you can picture it. When I pictured re creating when Tan-Tan and Antonio travel to the new dimension I pictured them discovering what they call the pod/box at the half way tree, I pictured space in the background and this box/pod kind of being in the air or ground and Antonio and Tan – Tan running after it. When I first started this re – creation it was TERRIBLE and I mean TERRIBLE. All I could find was space photos, some time traveling photos, and it was hard to find a photo that I felt represented Tan-Tan and Antonio as I pictured them. I found what I could using google images and then I used Canva to create the actual story board though it looks more like just a collage with two photos the first time around. Canva is a free website/app that can be used to create so many things from CD covers, posters, postcards, invitations, flyers, and much more. I just found this website when we were re creating the syllabus. I am still learning how to use it but it does the things that I used to do in photoshop but for free. After finishing the first “storyboard” I created and I just thought to myself “I can not turn this in, this is absolutely awful”. You can see that photo below :

I decided to try again but instead of a story board I would try a poster of the same scene, which worked much better. I still used the space background and the flying time machine but then I found a picture on google images of a daughter and a father looking into the sky at nighttime when all the stars are out. I felt like it fit my vision because I picture a lot of space visuals when I think of time traveling. Using Canva I was able to merge all of the images together and mess with the transparency on the photos to get them to blend together. It wasn’t perfect but I felt like it turned out a lot better the second time compared to the first time. You can see the 2nd re creation below:

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