We Are Connected – Methodology Module

For the methodology module I decided to work on the networking module. I felt like it would be cool to show and see what the popular social networking platforms are currently. In order to come up with these results I decided to create a survey on google forms. I had one question but several answer options based off of what I thought would be popular, but I also left the option for people to add what platforms they may use that I didn’t think of. I shared the google form over the course of the last two weeks, for several days I posted the google form on my Facebook account, the University of Mary Washington Class of 2019 Facebook group, the University of Mary Washington commuter student group page, Snapchat, both of my instagram’s(yes I have two), and lastly my Grandma and my mom shared it on their Facebook accounts also. I wanted to make sure I had a variety for an audience, I wanted to make sure I had our generation, our parents and their generation, as well as my grandparents generation. I felt like that would show a variety of usage, though I made it to where each individuals responses were anonymous It still gave a chance to show different results. Overall I got 206 responses from April 5th through April 16th on the google form. I was very shocked at some of the results, 91%¬† of the 206 individuals¬† which is 198 individuals who took the survey said that they use Facebook and to my surprise Instagram and Snapchat were tied with 61.7% with 125 individuals of 206 individuals. I expected twitter to have a high response but to my surprise out of the 206 individuals only 52 individuals said they use it which equaled to 25.2% and Pinterest and YouTube both beat twitter, YouTube had a 60.2% response rate with 124 individuals and Pinterest had a 43.7% response rate with 90 individuals. The other responses were Google+,LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tinder, Slack, Twitch, LetterBoxd, GroupMe, Quora, and MSN all which had below 25% response rate. The final part of my project was to find a creative way to display my results. I didn’t want to do a pie chart or a spreadsheet because I felt like that was a boring choice and in a sense to easy. I chose to use Venngage which at first was a free source I spent an hour and a half working on creating an info-graphic that would display each social media platform, the percentage based off of the questionnaire, and the amount of responses it had out of the 206 individuals that took the survey. I created the whole thing and then went to save it and realized you had to subscribe to the source in order to be able to save or download it. So I did in fact pay $19 for a month in order to be able to save it. However, I think it will also be a good source to use when I do my blog again during the iteration module. I have included my info-graphic below. I hope you enjoy.


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