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Hey everyone ! I’m Kayla! This is my first blog post for my Digital Studies class. I am still working on the design aspect of my blog so bare with me as I continue to “perfect” my blog. I first created my domain for my Digital Story Telling class, I tried to think of a clever domain name because even though I am a Computer Science major I have always enjoyed blogging and web design. I choose kbblogger.com because it represented by name as well as made me feel like a blogger. It’s not the most creative domain but I felt like it fit the job it needed too. I looked forward to creating the visual part more than the words. I have always dreamed about having a blog, when I was in middle school I remember tumblr was such a popular thing. I loved going on there and scrolling through the countless quotes, song lyrics, everyday facts and the scenery. I loved going through my friends pages and seeing their designs for their tumblr pages and it always made me want to start my own. I feel like blogging always gave me an escape in a sense, it gives you a chance to express yourself, be creative, show case your work and for me help others. When it comes to my digital identity I feel it is kind of split. I have a school digital identity where I have this blog, a twitter, a flickr, and several other accounts specifically for school use. I also have personal social media accounts, and personal blogs that I use to connect with friends and family. The personal blog is really for anyone willing to read it. I made it so that people who fall on hard times or are struggling can go there and feel loved, and worthy. When creating the visual part of my domain I wanted it have a theme of New York City. Weird I know, but in high school I went there several times for Journalism Conventions and when I was there it always felt like an escape from the real world. The city lights, beautiful landscapes, the bridges they always mesmerized me.  So I chose a photo from New York City as my header for my blog for that reason. I am looking forward to perfecting this blog as well as sharing my work that I do in Digital Studies. I think it will be a good opportunity to become more creative, give me a chance to use the tools I learn to enhance my own personal blog, and enhance my knowledge and use it in whatever my future job may be.

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